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How to Stand Out in Autumn Home Sales Market

We all know that the Real Estate market ebbs and tides at different times of the year and throughout the decades. Autumn is traditionally the season when the market begins to slow down… but let’s take a good look at why this happens:

1. Society’s attention becomes focused on their children’s school and up coming holiday season placing priority on saving their money for gifts and winter vacation.

2. REALTORS® are exhausted from a busy Spring/Summer selling season and want a vacation, too.

Both reasons combined generally reduce the number of listings taken and homes sold during the Fall and Winter times in most areas of the nation without consideration to exterior factors of the economic and political market place which also lend a hand to the situation. 

Lately, leaders in the industry have been touting the term “disrupt the market”. And this is exactly what has kept the industry afloat when it was expected to burst again. 

So how do you disrupt the Autumn sales market? 

If you have been contemplating selling your home and dragging your feet about it or have had it “For Sale by Owner” and it hasn’t moved, LIST IT IN THE FALL WITH A REALTOR®. Here’s why:

1. There is a decreased number of homes for sale and most have been on the market for a good number of days for a variety of reasons (most being that photography was done by the agent with their cell phone and lighting is terrible and/or it wasn’t staged correctly or it isn’t priced right for the market). As a new listing, your property is an immediate stand out. Being the Big Fish in a small pond is an exceptional benefit to listing in Autumn.


2. Spring is always the best time to sell because we have a large number of tax returns in people’s pockets that can be used as down payments BUT in the Fall, there are also newly wedded couples (because we all know that June and July are wedding months and they’re all looking for starter homes as they begin their new family together), growing families and downsizing families, relocating professionals and, unfortunately, newly divorced individuals among many, many other reasons for home purchase at all given times of the year. Dismissing this season is a HUGE mistake too many people make.

3. (*this is my favorite reason) In the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, the weather is beginning to cool down and easier to deal with than the sizzling three digit temperatures all summer long. Visiting open houses and homes for sale are much more comfortable for the seller, buyer and Realtor® – especially in homes that do not have electricity hooked up or those gorgeous new spec homes still under construction! Walking through a new home in crisp Autumn weather is the best!

And now the HOW:

  • CLEAN the whole house. It may be more efficient to have someone professional to do it for you and then just keep it up daily.
  • Make sure all toilet seats are down, beds are made, dirty dishes are cleaned and put away, and remove everything from kitchen and bathroom countertops. *It’s also a great easy tip to fill an empty spray bottle with 1/4 Fabuloso (or Pinesol/Lysol if you’re anywhere north of San Antonio, Texas) and water and spray the floorboards (3-4 feet away) 30 minutes prior to showings for that just mopped sensation.
  • Make your house stand out with exceptional photography. People shop online first for their homes now so if it doesn’t look good on the internet, they’ll just swipe onto the next one. This includes both still photography and virtual. I personally love the new Matterport technology and incorporate it into all of my residential listings like this one in South Padre Island (click here to see it for yourself)
  • Stage your house for the photo shoot AND identically for every scheduled showing.
  • Open blinds and curtains of every window (make sure windows are washed and can see through them), turn on every light, lamp and ceiling fan – LIGHT SELLS HOMES
  • Decluttering and a fresh coat of paint works miracles 
  • Front yard landscaping is the absolute first impression. Mowing, edging and potted every greens and/or hanging baskets with seasonal blooms makes a welcoming world of difference. *And don’t forget to sweep up the front entry of dead leaves, bugs and cob webs.
  • Choose a Realtor® that is experienced, trustworthy, easy to communicate with and well networked in the community AND on the internet. Times have changed the way homes sell now… ask to see how listing agents market their client’s properties. *If you can’t find that Realtor® on the internet, how do you expect buyers to find them… and your home?
  • Price your property right. If you’re serious about selling your house and the Realtor you’ve chosen markets it correctly, your house will stand out among all the rest.

Being the big fish in a small pond is the attitude you should entertain during the Autumn home selling season. List it but list it right.

I hope to see you at the closing table soon!